Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My special place Ü

  1. Bed
  2. Desk                                  
  3. Window  
  4. Drawers
  5. shelves                                                                    

My special place by Maiya
My special place is my bed where I snuggle. My bed is full of PiLLOWS!!! And PLUSHiES!!! to make me feel warm & comfy when I lay there. My bed is useful in many ways, like.. When i'm sick I can lay there and drift off to sleep and where I can read my book.  Plus my lamp goes on top of my bed. There are so many ways to use my bed. 😁.

I love  using my desk SOOOO MUCH! because i can draw on my desk, and play on my computer, it's where I can think.  My desk is so much fun to do things on, it's so relaxing especially on wet rainy stormy days.😃

My window is cool because I can see if it's a wet, sunny, or stormy day, so if it's a sunny day i would know if I could play outside, but if it's wet I can stay inside and watch netflix for the rest of the afternoon.  😏  It's also good too look at the nice trees and plants, or too see what's going on outside. Plus if it’s a rainy day it’s nice to listen to the soothing rain. Ӧ   

I like my drawers because I can put my clothes in them, so they won’t be every where..
I can also put my things on top of my drawers like, jewelry, money, pictures, and stuff like that. The color of my desk is really light orange. and is white for the handles.  I think that my draw is a nice furniture peice of for my room. Ü .                 

I like my shelves because it’s right next to my bed so if i'm thirsty I can grab my cup and have a  good drink. I think my shelves are pretty hand for keeping things in like my books and stuff..
I really like how It’s a nice tall white shelve to shove all my stuff in. my fan can also go on top.  :D


MY SPECIAL PLACE IS MY ROOM!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Saturday, February 4, 2017

6 Facts about me :3

Facts about me :3
  1. My favorite plant is a cactus. :<
  2. my favorite color is green & white.
  3. my favorite food is sherbet🍬 and  meat lovers pizza 👍👅
  4. I love bunny's🐇, cats🐈,  , chickens🐔
  5. I like rainbows a lot  🌈
  6. I like climbing trees I have been climbing them since i was little🌲 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Q & A

Be Resourceful: Think - What resources can I use to help my learning? How can I use them best?

Select a NZ Paralympic or Olympic Athlete (using http://www.olympic.org.nz/athletes/download.jpg
Co-constructed Criteria for Facts/Questions
  • Have more information = how? what? where? why? when?
  • Makes sense
    • Sentence fluency (structure)
    • Accurate spelling

Interesting Facts
Why did valerie adams become an athlete????   

Why did she  choose shot put????

When did she first start doing shot put????

How did she get into the olympics????

Did valerie have another job before she started shot put????

How did she learn how to do shot put????

Will she ever give up shot put???/

Valerie Adams was born in 1984 in rotorua
Valerie Adams is 93cm tall
She has won 2 gold medals for NZ
Her real name is valerie kasanita adams
Valerie adams is 31 yrs old
Her longest throw was 21 . 24

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paora winitana


Paora winitana
 Paora winitana was born in hastings 1976. Some of his friends invited him to the local church youth activities. He spent all his time playing rugby… but the church taught him how to  play basketball and as he learnt basketball it started to be his favourite sport. In 1996 paora played his first game at high school he scored 96 points, it was a NZ secondary  school record. The record breaking score made people take notice of  Paora. In 1986 he was selected to play for the north harbour heat in the NZ national basketball league (NBL). in the NBL debut year he won the rookie of the year award. After that he was offered seven opportunities to play basketball in the U.S.A including a scholarship to the university of Wisconsin. He refused to go because he wanted to go  on a two year mission for his church.   His favourite food is pasta & salads.  His favourite movie  is Braveheart .
  His favourite music is slow jams. Paora’s  heroes are his mum and Michael Jordan. His biggest injury was a bone bruising  cuboid bone.